building ‘m’ renovation & training center addition - albuquerque public schools lincoln campus

ASP Capital Masterplan and FD&C asked Design Plus to assess the needs of ten different departments moving from two district campuses. The variety of services provided and staff sizes were diverse and each required different infrastructure needs. We assessed and developed a renovation approach to house these departments in an existing building as the cost of a new facility would have required twice the amount of available funding.

Relocation of APS Central Kitchen from Lincoln campus offered a unique opportunity to relocate these departments into Building ‘M’ (using 65K sq.ft. of existing warehouse and 35K sq.ft. of new warehouse addition), re-imagining a warehouse and defunct central kitchen space as a collaborative work environment. 

We conducted several visits with each department and reviewed their current and future space needs. We also reviewed the types of tasks (desk work, site visits, training, material requisition, storage and distribution). We assessed these tasks with respect to space needs and created “sets” of spaces and functions that could be shared between various end-users, or that could be delegated to other departments.The resulting design concept includes a series of flexible, collaborative work spaces, both open and private, supported by shared common resources such as “huddle” areas, break-out rooms, conference rooms, workrooms and staff lounges. 

Herman Sanchez Community Center
city of albuquerque

Our intention for the addition and remodel of the Herman Sanchez Community Center was two-fold: first, to expand the services and functions of the center to reflect the rich character of the surrounding community and, second, to create a safe and inviting place where the community could come together.The new community center is comprised of the extensively refurbished gymnasium [the original 5 moment trusses were re-used] and a new building addition that wraps around the gym space, including a child development facility, computer room, community room, exercise room, game room, kitchen, lobby areas, locker and shower facilities, and a reception area with administration offices.  The child development facility typology was greatly enhanced through the creation of a ‘discovery area’ which includes a low water trough table, and painting and planting areas delineated by acrylic space dividers.