Indigo Moose LLC is a research, education, and strategy firm located in Albuquerque, NM. Firm founders Rupal Engineer and Manny Juarez are both graduates of the University of New Mexico School of Architecture graduate program where they began working with students interested in architecture. Combining a passion for architecture and design with a love of teaching they resolved to devote their time and firm resources to support programs based around architecture and the design process. Their goal was to help children, parents, and teachers become creative thinkers and problem solvers, think holistically and collaboratively, better understand their role in the natural and built environment, and help them find their ‘inner designer’.


Evolving from within their architecture and planning firm, Design Plus, Indigo Moose was created to be the research and education programming arm of their design studio. Rupal and Manny develop innovative programs based around design education concepts and principles, and engages in a variety of research projects primarily focusing on built environments for people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Indigo Moose also consults with public and private institutions, as well as with other design professionals, to create evidence based solutions for a diverse audience of end users.