Design Studio at Albuquerque Academy

For 15 years, Indigo Moose has held design classes and Albuquerque Academy's Summer Session. Based on the studio-learning model used by professional design schools (e.g., Stanford and Pratt), Design Studio courses allow students to explore architectural design and structural concepts under the guidance and mentorship of experienced, practicing architects. As an educational model, studio-based learning emphasizes:

  • Project-based learning-by-doing through hands-on activities
  • Interconnectivity between architecture, math, science, social studies, and art
  • Creativity, innovation, and risk-taking as students develop creative solutions to design challenges




Metropolis 1.0: Design Your World

Design an amazing community where people will live, work, and play! Working collaboratively, we'll:

  • Explore basic design elements and experiment with light, shadow, shapes, and color
  • Investigate design challenges and create 2D and 3D solutions
  • Develop a vision and framework for our community

We'll work on individual design projects (e.g., skyscrapers, parks, bridges, schools, shops) then combine them to create a fabulous, community-constructed metropolis!



Biomimicry (innovation inspired by nature) is helping scientists, designers, and engineers create new technologies using biologically inspired engineering. Just as Da Vinci and the Wright brothers looked to birds when they designed their flying machines, we'll examine nature and explore solutions to real-life human issues!



Extreme Construction:
Building the Connections

Stretch your creative muscles, think outside the proverbial box, and learn to celebrate "failures"as successes. As we dabble in a variety of materials and modules to come up with unique solutions to design challenges, we'll construct physical models, make quick and messy sketches, and employ the tools and techniques utilized by designers and engineers. Think fast, think creatively, think courageously, and push to think BIG even when the final solution fits in the palm of your hand!



Metropolis 2.0: Urban Explorers

Let's explore real-life urban-planning challenges! How will we plan and build our world's cities? Design schools, homes, and offices? We'll explore all of these exciting design challenges--and more--through individual and group model-building projects. We'll even consult professionals who are working on these challenges in real life.